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Michael Scullin

Hey everyone, I’m Michael. I’m a founder of Palmetto Pump House, as well as the Powerlifting coach of PPH, and owner of Charleston Powerlifting Club. I’ve been strength training in some capacity for over 18 years, whether it be for football, wrestling, or powerlifting.

As an athlete, I’ve played sports most of my life, achieving all-state honors for both football and wrestling as well as national accolades in wrestling. I also played football for the University of Georgia for the 2013-2015 seasons and wrestled on the club wrestling team. After college, I started training very seriously for powerlifting and haven’t looked back.

As a powerlifting coach, I’ve has guided over 100 athletes, from the ages of 14 to 70, to achieve their goals. With my experience and knowledge, I’ve helped my athletes earn 5 500+ Dots, 10 450+ Dots performances, 7 open and junior world records, 8 masters world records, and well over 60 state records.

Palmetto Pump House was a dream that formed as soon as I had met Jason and Teddy soon came along. We knew we had to create a gym that everyone could train in and we wanted to create the most vibrant and best training environment possible. The rest is history.

Please feel free to approach me in the gym at any point for help or just to introduce yourself. I love helping and getting to know people!

Jason Cipriano

Hey y’all, my name is Jason. One of my favorite aspects of gym culture other than getting disgusting, other-worldly pumps, is the community building. Giving folks the opportunity where they can be themselves is few and far between. After searching for a career that allowed me to help people, and running a gym, I realized this was my passion.

Once Michael, Teddy & I got together, we knew we’d be able to create a sanctuary for people. Lo and behold, Palmetto Pump House was born.  

Training has been a large part of my life ever since I saw Stallone guzzling raw eggs in Rocky. Soccer & Track consumed my life all the way to college. Since then, I’ve dabbled in CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting & Strongman. I ultimately just love being in the gym and training.  

If you ever see me at Pump House, whether I’m face-first in some Tupperware or knee-deep in triceps extensions, I’m available to help! Don’t ever hesitate to ask 🙂

Theodore Tat

Hello everyone, my name is Teddy. I’ve spent a large majority of my life trying to find somewhere to fit in. Thankfully I walked into Gold’s Gym Clemson in 2002 and I found what I was looking for. I was able to find a sense of self confidence, community and a place I can really express myself. The gym is more than a building with weights and equipment. It’s a sanctuary, a place where we are all equal and can work on improving our health, physical fitness, push ourselves to the limit and form once in a lifetime relationships with people most of us would have never met otherwise. When Michael and Jason approached me with their vision of PPH I knew it was something really special and unique.

When I first started, I dabbled in bodybuilding but really found my passion in powerlifting. I started working full time as the patient advocate with Premier Hormone Health at the beginning of 2022 when I was at a low point in my life. It gave me a platform from which I have been able to help every day people struggling with low testosterone as well as guiding individuals, who wish to enhance their performance, to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that I myself fell into when I first started supplementing testosterone.

If you see me around, please come say hi and introduce yourself! Welcome to your home away from home.


Justin price









At Palmetto Pump House, we take pride in the quality and expertise of our trainers. They are the backbone of our organization, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of education and guidance in their respective fields.

Our trainers are not only highly qualified professionals, but they are also passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping others succeed. They bring their years of experience and knowledge to the table, providing valuable insights and practical advice to our clients.

Each trainer is carefully selected based on their industry experience, educational background, and their ability to effectively communicate complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. We believe that the key to successful training lies in the trainer’s ability to connect with their audience and create an engaging learning experience.

Whether it’s in-person training sessions, workshops, or online webinars, our trainers go above and beyond to ensure that every participant gets the most out of their learning experience. They create a supportive and interactive environment where questions are encouraged, and discussions are welcomed.

With diverse backgrounds and expertise in various industries, our trainers cover a wide range of topics, from leadership and communication skills to technical and professional development. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in their respective fields to provide our clients with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

We are proud to say that our trainers have helped countless individuals and organizations achieve their goals and reach new heights. Their dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence make them an integral part of our team.

So, whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, or empower your team, you can trust our trainers to provide top-notch training that will drive success.

Invest in yourself and join us on a journey of growth and transformation with our exceptional trainers at Palmetto Pump House.

Justin Price, CSCS, C.H.E.K. Lv2

I love helping people. I enjoy finding any way I can to help improve the quality of their experience, and the gym is my favorite place to do that. I have a background in kinesiology with a BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the NSCA and a Level 2 CHEK Practitioner. I have 18 years of personal training experience working with people with chronic orthopedic pain. I specialize in helping individuals improve their quality of life, reduce pain, and increase muscular strength. I am always looking for new ways to improve my craft and help more people feel and move better.

Ethan Renshaw

I come from 14 years of gym and fitness experience as well as time spent in sports such as Football, Lacrosse, Kickboxing, and MMA. I have 5 years of Personal Training experience working with intermediate level athletes wanting to take their physiques to the next level. My specialties are body recomposition, fat loss, muscle gain, and bringing symmetry into people’s physiques. My goal is to always help people bring a new level of intensity into their training.

Nate Jones, DPT

Nate is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an under 80-kilogram strongman competitor. He is a two time under 175-pound South Carolina’s Strongest Man and has competed at the highest level of his sport at the Official Strongman Games. 

He grew up running cross country and track in the mountains of Colorado, but he discovered the weight room at 14 years old and fell in love with it. After graduating high school he spent 5 years in the Marine Corps as an Arabic linguist. After leaving the military in 2009, he earned his bachelor degree in exercise science and went on to earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2016.

Nate has a deep love for everything lifting, exercise, and rehab related, and he applies the knowledge from those fields to his physical therapy practice to provide the most effective help he can to his patients and clients. Nate also provides online programming and coaching services for strongman competitors and more general strength and conditioning clients.

Maysa Hannawi, DPT

Hi! I’m Dr. Maysa Hannawi and I am a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach.

I grew up overseas in Dubai as a long-distance runner and soccer player with little exposure to strength training. I moved to the US for college, where I became a competitive ultimate frisbee player. After a major knee injury and getting taken off the field for a year, I found the barbell -and I never looked back! I love functional fitness and weightlifting and believe everyone can (and should) build a strong and resilient body.

Fun Facts: I am an ice cream fanatic and I absolutely love animals. I cannot wait for you guys to come sweat with me!

Jeremy Wolf

Jeremy Wolf is the owner and operator of Wolf Den Strength & Conditioning. 

He has been a personal trainer for almost 10 years. Jeremy’s main area of expertise is strength & Conditioning plus sports performance. His target clientele is mainly combat sport athletes plus field /court sport athletes. Being an athlete himself he understands what it takes to improve during the off season. Jeremy offers remarkable strength & Conditioning  programs through Wolf Den S&C all done on the Train Heroic app. 

Jeremy has a large number of certifications. Some of them include Power Athlete Certified Coach, Two Brain Nutrition and USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 (working on level 2). His goal is to continue his education through yearly certification courses and attending seminars. 

When he is not training clients he can be found doing muay thai, rock climbing, playing sports or crushing beers with his friends.

Reagan Sobel

Reagan Sobel, E-RYT 200 / RYT 500, has been practicing yoga regularly since 2016 and teaching since 2019. Her style of yoga is rooted in creative movement designed to build flexibility and strength. She is passionate about helping students to expand their mindfulness and spiritual practice to transcend the limits of what they thought they could accomplish. When she is not practicing yoga or working out, you can find her spending time in the sun or traveling to a new place.

You can get to know Reagan more by connecting with her on Instagram: @reagansobelyoga

MK Miles

Hey y’all! My name is MK and I am so excited to be a part of the team at PPH! I graduated in 21 from Clemson University with a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.  After graduating, I immediately pursued a career in health and wellness which is what I have dedicated the last 2 years of my life to and many more to come! 

I have been strength training for over 6 years and I have a background in competitive powerlifting which has played a huge part in shaping who I am today. I love guiding women in the weight room and helping them overcome mental and physical barriers so we can reap the benefits of strength training that will spill over into so many aspects of our lives!

I have fallen in love with this path and pushing people to become better every day while learning and growing together! I hope to meet you soon :).